Here's a Solution to Prevent Dry and Cracking Icing Sheets

Posted by admin 02/02/2018 0 Comment(s) Edible Tips,


Dry and firm icing sheets can be a common issue in colder / drier weathers and is due to the temperature in your room. To avoid it and pevent cracking, you can warm your icing sheets prior to printing.


Dryness is usually due to your current room temperature. The solution is to soften your sheets.

To do this you can warm them up by placing them on a heat pad. Dryness also occurs due to the sheets being made with natural icing so don’t have any added chemicals so temperature can effect their texture dramatically.

Prior to even inserting them into a printer we recommend you have them softened first. You can buy heat mats online.

These mats are commonly used for pets and reptiles but they are perfect for the sheets!


Another tip is to hover the sheet over some steam to soften the icing.

*** Softening even helps prevent those frustrating roller lines when printing.