Cake Crumbs with Sara Hinton from Cake Creations By Sara

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A jam-packed life doesn't stop Sara Hinton from Cake Creations by Sara from making the most amazing and delicious cakes and sweet creations. To be honest, we don't know how she does it - we're in awe!



1. How did your sweets business or journey begin?


I began work as a qualified chef over 20 years ago, I worked as a pastry chef for many of these years and have always had a love of sweet things. I remember as a child baking with my grandmother, this was definitely where I got my sweet tooth! When I had my 1st daughter I made her 1st birthday cake and from there I was hooked and have been making cakes ever since.




2. What has starting your own business meant for you? 


I love the fact that I can be a small part of people's celebrations, especially when I make children's cakes and they are so excited to see their cakes.  






3. What have been/are the biggest challenges you face(d) in regard to starting/building/maintaining your business? 


The biggest challenge I have faced is finding time for myself. I work full time as well as doing cakes. I'm also a Mum and Wife to an amazing family that I have to look after, sometimes that doesn't leave enough time for me. But in saying that I do love what I do and find myself googling new cake designs or watching YouTube videos on cake decorating all the time.



4. What do you feel are the benefits of using edible images?


I find using edible imaging extremely useful and time-saving. I recently created a comic book cake using edible images that I printed on my computer. I have to say it looked amazing! In the past, this would have been hand-painted and would have taken hours to recreate. 





5. What is your favourite type of treat/design to create?


My passion is to recreate cakes that look like the real thing. In the past, I have created a Weber BBQ, several Nike shoes, WallE from Disney Pixar and Mack Hauler from Disney's Cars Movie. All these cakes have come to life using edible images.






6. What is the current trend you’re seeing in edible images?


I have seen people are using edible images not just on cakes but also cookies and cupcakes as well. It's great to see people thinking of new ways to use edible images. 





7. What is the funniest/most unusual sweet creation you’ve been asked to make?


I haven't been asked to create anything too crazy. But the BBQ was a challenge trying to work out how to suspend the cake about 2" above the board. 



8. Do you have any tips you can share when either printing or applying edible images?


When attaching large images to the cake I found using a cake steamer works best.  I can control the amount of moisture that is added to fondant better than using a paintbrush and water. You get a nice even amount of moisture when using the steamer, too much water and you will wreck the edible image paper, not enough and your image will not stick and bubble on the cake. 



9. What is your “can’t live without” sweet making tool?


The one tool that I can't live without is a square-ended palette knife. It was given to me by my Head Chef for my 21st Birthday. I use it when ganaching all my cakes. I have had it for many, many years and it's been used on many, many, many cakes!



10. What is your career highlight to date?


A highlight for me is all the lovely people I have met over the years. I feel part of their lives sometimes when they return every year for a birthday cake and I can watch them grow. I was lucky enough to do a gender reveal for a lovely couple and I was the 1st to know they were having a girl. I recently created her 1st birthday cake. I love that I get to share in some many milestones. This makes the long hours and hard work worth it.