2020 Wrapped Up In Edible Images

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2020 - what a year! No need to recap all the sordid details, we’re all on the same page with that.  What 2020 did bear witness to was so many creatives getting even more creative in an attempt to salvage their businesses, lift lockdown spirits, bring humour and kindness to a bad situation and even curb boredom.  Here we’re showcasing 2020 via edible image creations made by some of our very talented customers.



Let the creativity begin:



St Evie Cookies starting the year off with super creativity - Cookies topped with photos of cookies





Let’s Have Cupcakes - retirement never looked so fun (or so we thought) 




Australia’s about to feel true gratitude for being an island a long way from other countries. G’day Mate cake by Custom Cakes by Tania






Little did we know that grocery shopping was about to become a thing of line ups, sanitising & sadly, hoarding.


Jilliana’s Bread Basket got crafty with this basket of goodies - it’s a cake! All entirely edible. 







Trying to make light of a not so light situation. Mummy Bakes Cakes - Crisis Cookie Checklist Boxes featuring edible image topped cookies. 






Hello & Cookie telling us possibly the most welcome news we could hear with their isolation cookies. 






By now, usual gatherings and celebrations were no longer able to happen, but that didn’t stop people from celebrating small and using small business to help them do so. DIY became bigger than ever!


Tasty Typography’s DIY Easter cookie edible image toppers designed to fit on Milk Arrowroot biscuits. 






Deezee Designs - paint your own edible image cookie or cupcake Mother’s Day toppers saved the day. 







Many a sage message was delivered via edible image. Wise advice in cake form from Petal Met Sugar






Our customers became more and more creative to bring joy to those stuck in lockdown.


The Sugar Collective produced these stunning custom puzzle photo cookies. 







Custom cookies could be mailed all over the country & became a staple for home celebrations.

Weekend Whisk’s delightful Possum Magic custom cookies to the rescue! 







Meltdown Artisan’s face chocolates became even more popular with people sending them to friends and family to cheer them up. 






The Little Treat Boutique nailed the vibe, toilet paper became a luxury item worthy of replication in cake form.  As serious as staying safe and germ free is, people could also make light of the situation. 


Numerous birthdays were celebrated in lock down - humour helping to ease the situation. Sugar By Design Australia produced this Dettol edible image for Sweet Connoisseur Cakes. 








Red Balloon Candy Artisans captured everyone’s thoughts perfectly in the edible image lollipops! 







Thoughtful custom gift packs to let others know they were thought of helped businesses and folk in general send messages of kindness and care (and instruction).


Suga Mumma Bakes made up these gorgeous boxes of encouragement, with messaged edible image cookies. 






Never was it more important to check in on others wellbeing. Cookies of care made up by Creative Edible Images & Burnt Sugar Co.  







By Halloween things were looking better in Australia (mostly) with more restrictions easing.


Monumental Cakes utilising their edible chocolate transfers to decorate one of their delicious ice cream cakes. 






We made it through to the end of the academic year - a tough one for all those doing final years. By now we all felt we deserved a graduation certificate for getting through 2020!


Always popular for end of year celebrations, edible image cookies and cakes, but this year they were even more sort after. Graduation cupcakes by Cookie Crush Co







We dared to start to plan small local holidays and dreamed of less troubled times and beach vacay’s.


Cake Creations by Sara has harnessed the dream right here in this cute-as-can-be(each) cake. 







Christmas was even starting to form in some sort of new normal. As yet, we don’t know how this will play out. But we do know there were too many cracking Christmas creations to share here.


These adorable cookies by Cookies All Around seem perfect for the year that was. 






If nothing else, 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected and that small business owners are amazing at reinventing themselves, especially in the face of adversity. Oh, and edible images nailed the year in all different tasty forms, perfectly!


Farewell 2020, it’s been……… 





Chucky cake by Cake-ohh-licious.