2019 Edible Image Wrap Up

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​How quickly a year goes! 

With 2019 drawing to an end we thought an edible image wrap up would be the perfect way to finish off our Cakes Crumbs year. Each month in our Cake Crumbs blog we have been sharing a little glimpse into our talented customer's businesses and creative lives. It’s a great way for us and others to learn about these lovely, passionate and creative people whilst gleaning some handy tips. 


Our featured customers vary in their speciality; there are cake decorators, chocolate artisans, candy makers, party suppliers and edible image creators. One thing they all have in common is their use of edible images. So, naturally, we had to ask them:


What do you feel are the benefits of using edible images?


Edible images are just such a fantastic way to create an amazing themed cake, yet still, let us offer it at an affordable price. 

                                                                         Andre Portelli - Mezzapica Cakes





Edible Image Supplies are the finest icing sheets we’ve used and will continue to use. We have tried 3 other companies, but nothing has come close to getting the clarity and strong paper that is needed for our products. We have always used high quality materials and ingredients in our confectionery and ‘Edible Image Supplies’ reflect that ethos we have. 

                                       Pascal Menezes - The Red Balloon Candy Artisans





We love to use the edible images to add special detailing to a cake that would normally be either impossible or very time-consuming. It also makes the range of cakes we offer almost endless. 

                                        Tanja Kober - Choice Cakes





I have loved using my EIS products! An edible image is another way of adding customisation to cakes and for someone who doesn’t use fondant, edible images are a great alternative! 

                                          Amy Rutherford - Cakes by Amy Rutherford





I love that edible images are a cost-effective way of incorporating a theme into a cake design without customers having to have custom made fondant toppers which can be very time consuming and expensive. I also love that it makes corporate cupcakes a breeze!  

                           Beck Hemmingway - Caked by Beck





Customisation! They open up a door to creating unique treats that are specific to you and your customer—if you can design something beautiful and bespoke, you can really start to create a brand image for yourself. 

                                                                              Jen Lo - Meltdown Artisan





I love that edible images can be used to add unexpected details to something and are so versatile. I will often just print a pretty floral pattern and use it to cover numbers as a pretty cake topper, or even to cover a full cake. The possibilities are endless. 

                                                                                   Sara Sabbagh - Sara's Cake Studio





The benefits we get from using edible images are:

(a)  Easy and quick to use on a cake, especially theme cakes.

(b)  Not many cakers here in Tonga have edible images, so that's an advantage for us.(c)  Customers are overwhelmed to learn that edible images are doable for their cakes, they’re new and sophisticated. 

                                                               Lucinda Cocker - Vortex Cakes





They are so easy! I honestly believe anyone can use them and create a cake with wow factor. 

                        Jill Blacker - Edible Cake Toppers





And that’s a wrap! What we’re hearing loud and clear is that edible image printing makes customising your sweet treats quick, easy, affordable and eye-catching.