Cake Crumbs with Natasha Harris from Suga Mumma Bakes

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Through her love of baking, Natasha Harris owner of Suga Mumma Bakes has created a successful online custom cookie box business. Natasha ships her stunning cookie box creations all over Australia, supplying to both corporate and private customers.

1. How did your sweets business or journey begin?


Growing up I always had a love for baking, something I learned from my grandparents who live in Germany.
My hobby turned into a business when I had my first child and I was on maternity leave. I had a lot of time on my hands and was yearning for an outlet where I could be creative. It started with an Instagram account where I would post my baked goods, baking for family and friends and then it kind of took off from there.
I was so invested in trying new things and developing my skills that my business has grown from baking for a local market to selling custom cookie boxes Australia-wide.
2. What has starting your own business meant for you? 
For me, it's about interaction, relationships and creativity. I have connected with some amazing people through my business and nothing gives me more joy than bringing someone's vision to life.
It took me a little while to find my own niche in the baking world. I love having such an impact on others when they receive their custom cookie boxes because they are so personalised. Now more than ever with COVID-19 Suga Mumma Bakes gift boxes are a great way to tell someone how much you miss and love them, it's a way to stay connected when we can't physically see each other. I'm super proud that Suga Mumma Bakes is helping people around Australia stay connected.
3. What have been/are the biggest challenges you face(d) in regard to starting/building/maintaining your business?
Having never run a business before so this was all new to me, but the one thing that has kept me going is the passion I have for what I do. There have been many late nights, tears, starting over, trips to the shops last minute, recipes not working, many MANY failed macarons, names spelt wrong on cakes, cakes cracking. You name it.
But I guess with anything, it's about looking at a challenging situation and thinking about how you can do things differently or better. I am constantly learning and that will never stop as long as I am running my own business.
4. What do you feel are the benefits of using edible images?
I love using edible prints on my cookies because the options are endless to what you can create. One of the most popular products on my online store are my photo cookies. My customers send me their photos and I put them on cookies. Its such a beautiful personalised gift and people are going crazy over them right now! 
5. What is your favourite type of treat/design to create?
It's funny because I started out doing cupcakes and built my skills up to create cakes and never did I think that Suga Mumma Bakes would predominantly be selling cookies. But here I am creating custom and personalised cookies that are being shipped Australia-Wide.
6. What is the current trend you’re seeing in edible images?
I feel like I have started a trend with my edible photo cookies. I have never seen another baker do them but they are starting to pop up a lot now which is such a nice feeling. If I reflect back to when I first started my baking business there is no way I could see myself at this point right now. Photo cookies are also my number one selling product on our online store. People LOVE having their faces on things, and it's so much better when it's edible.
I'm absolutely loving the cake wraps as well. It's funny because when I purchased my printer I didn't realise that it was an A3 printer (which means I can print cake wraps too).
7. What is the funniest/most unusual sweet creation you’ve been asked to make?
Penis cookies - they are the number one Hen’s request!
8. Do you have any tips you can share when either printing or applying edible images?
Use GOOD quality edible icing sheet paper - the one from Edible Image Supplies is the best I have ever used.
Follow printer maintenance guidelines!
Sometimes when I put my edible images on my cookies and apply too much water or if it's humid the image stays wet - pop it in the oven on the fan option at 35 degrees for 15mins and they dry nicely!
9. What is your “can’t live without” sweet making tool?
My industrial size mixer. There's nothing better than mixing 3 batches of dough in one bowl. Heaven on earth!
10. What do you do for yourself within your life and business to help avoid or alleviate burnout?
I'm currently working on this. TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF! I have 2 beautiful daughters - one is 11 months and the other is 2.5 years and let me tell you - just looking after these two babes is a full-time job in itself. Not to mention running an online store selling baked goods, looking after a husband and a household.
Life is busy so it's so important that I look after myself. I have learnt along the way to accept help, made adjustments to my working hours - I don't work when the kids are awake so my 'day' starts at 8pm and I usually go to bed at 12am - 1am. Whilst that may sound horrible it really isn’t that bad - I get 7- 8 hours sleep and I can work WAYYYYY more efficiently this way, without constant interruptions and terrible 2's tantrums. Weekly date night is a must and making time to play with my kids (being present - no phones - no interruptions) even if it's only 10 mins a day.
11. What is your career highlight to date?
EVERYTHING as I never imagined this would even be my career. I love what I do and I'm reminded of this every time I see how much joy my products and desserts bring into people's lives and their special occasions.