Edible Images Make Christmas a Breeze

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Whether it’s for customers or your own homemade gifts for family, friends, teachers or work colleagues an edible ink printing system will help you customise your treats this Christmas with ease.


The Christmas period is busy for everyone, and particularly so for those in the “sweet treats” industry. To save some time and effort incorporating edible images into your range of Christmas treats is smart thinking. You can still achieve that custom-made look, yet in a quarter of the time it would take to hand decorate your goodies.


For at-home treat makers, edible images also save you time, whilst making your gifts look unique & expertly made. You can thrill your family and friends with personalised decorative Christmas sweet treats.


Some great edible image Christmas ideas:


Cookies - edible ink printers allow you to reproduce any Christmas design or theme that you desire onto icing sheets. They are perfect decorative toppers for shortbread and gingerbread. They make great versatile gifts to offer to customers or to use as personal gifts. Package them up or have them at the ready for visitors. 



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Slab cakes & round cake - great for feeding a large group and with edible images, also allows for branding at the same time. Low fuss, quick turn-a-round and so easily customised. For home bakers, why not put the family Christmas photo on the top for a real crowd-pleaser or a bit of a laugh at a social function?






Cupcakes - decorate your favourite flavours in festive frosting and top with yuletide edible image designs, messages, fun festive photos or corporate branding. These are big-time crowd pleasers and perfect as gifts or to add to the festive feast. They are also great for end of year corporate functions.







Chocolate bark - this gorgeous creation is relatively new on the scene, yet super effective. Using chocolate transfer sheets you can print any design onto them from your edible ink printer, just like the icing sheets. You then cover the printed transfer in tempered chocolate, let it set, and voila - custom made chocolate bark. Vibrant Christmas designs look fabulous on white chocolate. Add to your desserts and cakes, or gift by the piece. It’s also great fun to personalise the bark with photos of friends and fur babies.



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Chocolate moulds & lollypops - team chocolate moulds with printed chocolate transfer sheets and you have instant Christmas sweets. Easy to use, easy to customise and easy to make you look very clever.




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Lollypops - edible images can also be set in candy lollypops. Once again allowing you to customise your designs with festive motifs.






Edible ink printers can truly help you to nail your Christmas sweet treats.

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