My New Ink Cartridge Won’t Light Up

Posted by admin 14/01/2022 0 Comment(s) Edible Tips,

As with any electronics, sometimes edible ink cartridges can be faulty however, more often than not the issue is an incompatible ink cartridge. Here we have created a handy flow chart to help you troubleshoot this ink cartridge issue.


It's worth noting, that the best way to limit the potential issue of your ink cartridges not registering in your edible ink printer is to check the number on the chip on the underside of your current cartridges or your printer manual before placing an order for new cartridges to ensure you are ordering the correct cartridges


It is good practice to also check the cartridge number on the packaging box upon receiving your order. Before inserting the cartridges check the number on the chip on the underside of the actual cartridge (try to do this before removing from the packaging)


Lastly, always insert your edible ink cartridges with care, so as not to damage the printer pins.