How to Refill Your Edible Ink Cartridges

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To save you money (and to be a little more environmentally friendly) Edible Image Supplies sell refillable cartridges to go with our printer systems.  


Here’s a step by step on how to refill your Edible Image Supplies ink cartridges.


TIP: It is good practice if you are refilling to have two sets of cartridges. One set in use inside the printer and one set, full of ink on standby. When one cartridge inside the printer requires refilling, take out the whole set and replace it with all the full cartridges. Every time you refill a single cartridge the printer will automatically run a purge cycle, so this will minimise the use of ink lost to purge cycles when topping up individual cartridges each time they are low.


Refill Instructions


1. Always wear food safe gloves when refilling cartridges


2. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer


3. Place the previously reserved orange tab onto the bottom of the ink cartridge





TIP: KEEP the orange tabs that initially come with your cartridges.


4. Turn the cartridge over and remove the coloured plug





5. Using an uptake needle and syringe extract the edible ink from the refill bottle





6. Slowly insert the ink into the cartridge, being very careful not to apply too much pressure





7. When full, put the coloured plug back into the cartridge





8. Wipe the cartridge with a lint-free cloth ensuring it is completely clean


TIP: NEVER let an ink cartridge run completely dry before refilling. This will damage the cartridge and potentially the printhead.




9. Place the cartridge into the printer


10. Restart the printer


11. If the printer does not immediately recognise the refilled cartridge, turn it off and unplug it from the power for at least 10 minutes to reset the printer memory.


All Edible Image Supplies cartridges are fitted with auto-reset chips which allow the cartridges to be refilled. Your printer will recognise when the level in the ink cartridge is low, then once you have refilled the cartridge it will recognise the same cartridge as full.


Edible Image Supplies recommends refilling the cartridge an average of, approximately, 4 times. Note: you may get more refills, you may get less. Over time the outlet port of the cartridge will wear out and the quality of your images will be impacted. A cartridge that has been refilled too many times will display the same symptoms as a blocked print head.