Cake Crumbs with Kyla Daniels from Cakes by Kyla

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Each month we will feature one of our talented customers and share with you their story and tasty tips. 

Cake Crumbs - with Cakes by Kyla




  1. How did your baking journey begin?


I started baking my own cakes because my son had allergies. Then school friends started asking for cakes and it just grew from there. I never intended to be a cake maker. I was reluctant, but my husband just went ahead and put me on Facebook and it took off from there. I’ve always been artistic and enjoy creating things.


2. As a cake decorator, what do you feel are the benefits of using edible images?


Its lovely to be able to use a photo/theme/picture that is special to someone. You can incorporate them easily into themes. They are fast, efficient and economical for the customer, yet they still provide that “wow” factor. Also cool patterns can be achieved easier than by hand.




3. What’s your favourite type of cake/cookie to create?

 Anything sculptured. I love carving a cake to form a personality of its own. I love the challenge of it. I love ceramics and creating things. 




4. What’s the strangest/funniest cake/cookie you’ve been asked to make?


 A baby birth cake. It was a cake made to look like an actual birth. I have to admit that I found it a little off putting to make. I’ve also made a toilet for a funny birthday cake.


5. What’s your best tip for wanna be cake makers/decorators/cookie makers?

Practice, practice, practice. Get hints and tips from someone who’s done it. Do a class to learn about the right tools to tips to aid your technique. I wish I had done some classes. Get involved in online forums. Come to one of my classes ;-).


6. What is your all time favourite cake/cookie making tool?

 Can I have 3? (or maybe 4)

  1. A quality ganache scraper to get a super smooth finish.
  2. Airbrush for bringing things to life.
  3. A really good knife or scalpel
  4. An accupuncture needle for air bubbles.


7. Do you have any tips you can share when either printing or applying edible images?


Allow plenty of time to dry. I find CMC or Tylose powder also help. For a topper, wire in advance and allow to set. For cake application, put on fondant backing first. Use a tiny spray mist of water or sugar glue to apply.



 8. What is your career highlight to date?


It would have to be Russell Crowe (actor) sharing my Rabbitohs cake on Twitter. It was amazing that he went out of his way to share the cake and also gave info about us and Gosford.