Cake Crumbs - with Jackie Smallridge from Jackie's Phenomenal Cakes

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Each month we will feature one of our talented customers and share with you their story and tasty tips. 

Cake Crumbs - with Jackie from Jackie's Phenomenal Cakes


  1. What drew you to baking?  

I have always loved being in the kitchen, not so much savory but desserts and all baked goodies.  My first big school project in year 6 was of a monastery and yip it was made from cake haha.  I love the challenge of making cakes ... each one is different and I love that about my chosen career.  The other best thing about creating a cake is delivery! Ok not so much delivering the cake as such (that part is scary and painful) but seeing peoples reaction and the joy makes the countless sleepless nights all worthwhile!  


2. As a cake decorator, what do you feel are the benefits of using edible images? 

Edible images open up a whole new level to realism cakes, they are easy to use and extremely effective.  One of the first cakes I did using primarily edible images was for a body builder.  His wife wanted all the protein supplements and powder in a cake together with some weights.  This was a MASSIVE cake and once setup at the venue everyone questioned the birthday boy why he was selling protein powder and supplements hahaha ... Love it!!! They are also a quick easy alternative to offer to clients that don't quite have the budget for detailed fondant work.  The options are endless and I can't recommend them enough.  I am onto my 3rd printer.



3. What’s your favourite type of cake to create?

These have to be the ones where I am given full creative license!! Novelty cakes are my utmost favourite that's for sure.


4. What’s the strangest/funniest cake you’ve been asked to make? 

Well the first thing that comes to mind with funny is my niece ... this year she goes "Aunty Jackie please can I have a Nutella drip cake ... BUT ... it has to be vanilla!" hahahahaha. Well she got what she wanted :p.  Another one that comes to mind is my standing goat cake.  This was for a friends husband that was turning 40 ... he also owns a coffee shop called the dancing goat so she decided she needed a play on words for his cake .. "finished with words ... you old goat"  This one was a challenge as all I was given was a business card and I had to bring it to life.  I absolutely loved the result. (sadly the phone I took photos with was stolen so only have one image which isn't the greatest quality but have attached)


5. What’s your best tip for wanna be cake makers/decorators? 

Patience, persistence and never give up.  Everything takes time to perfect.  If you love it follow your dream! I chased mine and I am finally living it!


6. What is your all time favourite cake making tool? 

My ganache lids to achieve super sharp edges when preparing cakes for fondant! Can not live without them ... especially when doing those pesky square cakes that we all love so much. And my edible printer of course!! These are the two most used tools in my kitchen bar my oven :p


7. Do you have any tips you can share when either printing or applying edible images? 

Don't think you have to print high quality to get the best results, this more often than not messes with your colours.  Before you apply, make sure your work area is clean and ready to go and have some acupuncture needles handy to get rid of any pesky air bubbles.  I always apply images to fondant and would encourage it.  Use small amount of water so surface is only just tacky .. then I can't stress enough ... take your time to apply, never rush it or you will end up having to do it all over again which is never fun!