Cake Crumbs - with Jaime & Renee from The Little Treat Boutique

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Each month we will feature one of our talented customers and share with you their story and tasty tips. 


1. How did your baking journey begin?


My journey (Jaime) really started as a kid - I would love making & decorating the family birthday cakes & I guess my passion grew from there. I did a basics beginner cake course about 7 years ago to pursue my hobby & then the rest I have really just learnt through trial & error/ online tutorials/ decorating blogs & lots & lots of practice! My sister inlaw (Renee) worked in a cake store doing basic baking duties and decorating for several years. We decided we would love to create a home business that could fit in around the kids and thats when The Little Treat Boutique was born. We originally started with cookies, with an inital goal of edible prints & logos. We started getting busy & realised there was also a request for decorated cookies & cakes & The Little Treat Boutique began to find our niche in the market.



2. As a cake decorator, what do you feel are the benefits of using edible images?


We love that we can create an extra personal touch by providing our customers with the opportunity to use family photos & images/text etc on our baked goodies! People are always looking for something unique when celebrating special occasions & what better way to do that than being able to put your face on a cookie or cupcake :)

It is also a great way to advertise your business for promotion by being able to put high quality images/logos onto something your customers can take home & eat.


3. What’s your favourite type of cake to create?


The Little Treat Boutique specialises in buttercream cakes & chocolate drip style & we love working with that as our medium. We do get sent photos of cakes regularly, & are asked to recreate them but we always try to put our own spin on every design. We prefer having free creative reign to come up with something totally unique for our customers.



4. What’s the strangest/funniest cake you’ve been asked to make?


The strangest cake I have been asked to create was probably a 'junner' (jeans & runners) cake LOL - basically a sneaker with the top of a jean leg so it looks like it is being worn (this was a cake I did before we started The Little Treat Boutique). Our funniest cookies would definitely have to be our 'penis' cookies for hens day celebrations & some boobie cookies for a pink ribbon day.




5. What’s your best tip for wanna be cake makers/decorators?


Our best tip would be to just keep at it. You never stop learning! Don't be afraid to try new things & challenge yourself. Also value your work & skill set. 


6. What is your all time favourite cake making tool?


Oh that is a hard one - It is so hard to pick just one! Our best tool would probably be our ganaching lids - they make it so easy to get straight/ sharp edges on our cakes. When it comes to our edible images though we would definitely say the Icing Cutter Pro! It makes cutting our toppers out quick & easy!


7. Do you have any tips you can share when either printing or applying edible images?


Always allowing plenty of time for your prints to dry before using them and having dry fingers to avoid smudging your ink.