Why Use Cleaning Solution Cartridges in Your Edible Ink Printer?

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Using cleaning cartridges and following regular printer maintenance guidelines definitely can make a big difference to your edible printer’s life and its performance.


So, how does using cleaning cartridges in your edible ink printer help?


Edible ink is quite viscous, more so than non-edible inks. Therefore, the printer's printhead (the costliest component of your printer) can become clogged if not flushed regularly. The printhead has several nozzles through which the ink passes. The ink can collect in these nozzles, which in turn forces the printer to have to work harder to push the ink through.


By running regular printhead cleans and using cleaning cartridges to power on and off, do nozzle checks and fortnightly cleans you will dramatically reduce the chance of a clogged printhead and improve the printer's performance and longevity. Edible Image Supplies cleaning solution cartridges contain the same ingredients as our edible ink, without the colour.



Note: the weekly test print will be blank, the objective is to keep the liquid flowing through the print head to prevent blockages.


Also, by keeping your printhead in tip-top shape by using cleaning solution cartridges as often as possible you will maintain consistent and accurate image resolution each time you go to print. This will also result in less ink consumption, which in turn, reduces your costs!


Regular maintenance and cleaning of your edible ink printer, whether through the use of dedicated cleaning cartridges or not, is also important because you’re dealing with a food-based product. Cleaning of your printer on a routine basis stops any old ink transferring onto your decorated food item. 


Cleaning cartridges can be left in your printer until your next project, which will reduce potential blockages and ink wastage.


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