Will I Need to Maintain My Edible Ink Printer?

Posted by admin 10/10/2021 0 Comment(s) Edible Tips,

YES, yes you will! If you want your edible ink printer to work well every time you use it, maintenance is imperative! Remember also, you're using it for edible products, therefore cleanliness is paramount. The good news is, regular maintenance is simple and if done according to our maintenance schedule detailed below, you should enjoy ongoing trouble-free printing.


So, think of your future self, prevent stressful printing delays and get ahead of any potential issues by keeping your edible ink printer in "tip-top" condition. You'll say thank you to your past self over and over!




You can also use EIS cleaning solution cartridges as part of your maintenance routine.


We recommend keeping your printer at a stable room temperature and covered when not in use to avoid dust or food particles (especially if you have it in your kitchen area).


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