Edible Wafer Paper

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Edible wafer paper is incredibly versatile and fun to work with. It can be used in so many ways for decorating your cakes, cookies, desserts and other food treats. Using edible inks it can be drawn on, printed on, painted on and coloured. It can be cut, paper punched, torn, feathered, folded and curled to create soft or geometric decorations for your creations.


So what is edible wafer paper? 

Wafer paper generally is made of dehydrated potato starch, water and vegetable oil. It is usually tasteless (although some have a vanilla flavouring), and dissolves in the mouth therefore, will not alter or impair the taste of your food. It sits on top of your sweet/food creation in a thin layer and will not melt into your frosting. Edible Image Supplies high-quality Edible Wafer Paper has a smooth white, manufactured in the Netherlands from all-natural ingredients - Potato starch 86%, water 11%, olive oil 3% - it is gluten-free and suitable for vegans.



Using an edible ink printer, edible wafer paper sheets can be printed with Edible Images Supplies high-quality edible ink and fed through your printer the same as regular paper. Wafer paper sheets do not have a backing sheet and are easily used in conjunction with design software such as Icing Artist.


What is great about edible wafer paper is that it generally maintains its shape unless exposed to a large amount of liquid, which will cause it to dissolve. Making it perfect for 3-dimensional decorations such as flowers and butterflies. Because of its slight translucency, it can offer a more delicate appearance, which works beautifully for delicate flower designs. 



For best result, apply your wafer paper designs using a light mist of water or piping gel a short time before presentation to avoid any moisture damage. Placing wafer paper designs directly onto fresh whipped cream will cause the wafer paper to ripple and the image to potentially bleed - it is best to use a thin barrier such as fondant or chocolate when applying to moist surfaces.


NOTE: Because of its slight translucence, printed colour on wafer paper can be less vibrant (than on icing sheets) and appear slightly blurred. 


Other ways to use Edible Wafer Paper Sheets:

  • Decorative paper punches to create intricate wafer-paper cutout designs
  • 3D geometric decorations - due to its rigidity wafer paper is perfect for this
  • You can make wafer paper flowers and bows in pretty much any shape, colour or size you want. Shape and curl to suit your required design.
  • Using templates and die cuts, you can also trace, cut, and form petals, and attach them with piping gel to create beautiful blossoms.



  • Wafer paper works well for decoupage due to its ease of use and slightly translucent appearance once applied directly to a surface such as fondant.
  • Wafer paper can be baked in the oven and is perfect for nougat and macrons.


*The images shown are examples of how wafer paper can be used. They have not been created using EIS Edible Wafer Paper.

Images: 1 & 3 Deezee Designs; 2 & 4 source unknown.