Icing Artist - Design Software for Edible Print Designs

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Keen to design edible images but you’re no design whiz or computer expert? No problem. We’ve made designing your own creative edible photo and image toppers, decals and wraps super easy with Edible Image Supplies online software program - Icing Artist

Icing Artist is an easy to use, online-based, icing design software program that allows you to design your very own templates and upload your own images to create unique edible masterpieces. No graphic design experience necessary! 

With clear step by step instructions beginning with how to log in. Icing Artist makes it a breeze to produce the icing designs you require. Keeping it nice and simple we have designed the desktop with 6 main areas. 

1. The Main Menu - is designed for simplicity. 

2. The Image Library - contains the Icing Artist ‘Gallery’, our built-in image library with 100’s of pre-installed graphics. Also ‘My Images’ which allows users to import images into a personal library



3. Tool Selection Menu - contains the tools necessary to design your edible masterpiece. It features the ‘Text’ tool, ‘Shapes’ selection tool, the ‘QR Code’ tool, Zoom tools and Undo and Redo functions. 

4. Template Properties Tab - Preview Area – displays a simple (no image) representation of the template you are working on.

Template Configuration Area – displays all the template configuration details entered when a new template is created. When working on a template, this area allows you to change the template’s measurements, shape, row, or column count in real-time as you’re working. 

5. Object Properties Tab - displays all the properties of the image that you have imported into your template and allows changes to be made. 

6. Main Template Area - the work area where your template is designed. 

Once you’re familiar with the desktop you can then go on to create a template. Once more the instructions are thorough and lead you through the creation of either a custom template or the use of an EIS predesigned template. 

Icing Artist allows you to customise your own templates or use the existing templates designed to fit EIS pre-cut edible icing sheets. The templates are available in the circle sizes 1.5”, 2.5”, 6.3”, 8.0” plus standard A4 & A3 size. 



Icing Artist is compatible with PC and Mac and must be used with Google Chrome browser. 

To help you get started there is a free 30-day trial of Icing Artist. Also, with any EIS printer package purchase, you get a 3-month Icing Artist subscription for free. Once the trial expires, you will have the option to sign up for a monthly or yearly paid plan, provided the subscription is not cancelled prior. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating amazing edible print designs today with Edible Image Supplies Icing Artist software!