Cake Crumbs With Sonya Monterosso from Fairytale Sweet Sensations

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It's hard to believe when you see her creations that our feature caker this issue primarily does this as a hobby! Sonya Monterosso from Fairytale Sweet Sensations, loves the creative side of making sweets of all kinds. She definitely has a huge amount of skill, creativity and passion for her "hobby", which shines through in all of her stunning and delicious creations.


1. How did your cupcake/sweets business journey begin?


I always loved baking and use to make a lot of sweets for family. I had not attended any cake decorating classes I use to use bulla whipped cream to decorate cakes (lol). When I met my husband I made his 22nd birthday cake this way and he was the one that encouraged me to do some cake decorating courses. That's how it all began really. 



2. What has starting your own business meant for you? 


I don’t really have a full-blown business, it's more of a hobby I make a lot for family and friends. I don’t do it every week. 


I truly love what I do, I love the creative side of it. I have been inspired by many around the world, that has helped me to get where I am today. Some of my work (on Instagram) are just creations, not for anyone in particular, I just give them away to family and friends. When I think of an idea I like to create it and post it, hoping someone can use that creation at some point. 




3. What do you feel are the benefits of using edible images?


For me, I love designing and there are so many graphics out there, you can create basically any design. I have Carpal Tunnel in my hands, so for me, edible images aren't harsh on my hands. I really love the fact that I can design so much with edible images and they look great on anything you put them on.






4. What is your favourite type of treat/design to create?


 At the moment it’s cookies and lollipops.






5. What is the current trend you’re seeing in edible images?


I’m really not sure, I don’t have a lot of time to see what's around. But I do see edible images being used on everything these days. New trends are always coming along.



6. Do you have any tips you can share when either printing or applying edible images?


Not really because I’m new to all this myself. I’m still learning about edible images, I don’t make them to sell them, I use them only for myself. I use them for cookies mostly, and now will be using them for lollipops. 



8. What is your “can’t live without” cupcake/sweet making tool?


I can't live without any of my tools. I’m big on tools!



9. What do you do for yourself to help avoid or alleviate stress/burnout?


When I get the chance, I go to the coast and just chill out at the beach.