Cake Crumbs with Nidhi Shah from Little Cupcakes

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The purchase of an existing business and a passion for baking has realised the true potential of Family-run Little Cupcakes. This Melbourne cake shop specialises in the most scrumptious looking cupcakes and cakes. Beautiful presentation and delicious flavours make these morsels absolutely irresistible.



1. How did your cake/sweets business or journey begin?


Our journey began in 2014 when we took over the existing business from the previous owners and took the business to the next level. As I was passionate about baking, my husband supported and encouraged me to do the business as he comes from an entrepreneur background. I looked after the quality control and he looked after the operations and logistics part of the business. 



2. What has starting your own business meant for you? 


It has always been our dream and we shall be doing it throughout our lives. Business is a challenging and very satisfying world for me. 



3. What have been/are the biggest challenges you face(d) in regard to starting/building/maintaining your business? 


Customer service, giving your best every day to your staff members who look upon you as a leader.  




4. What do you feel are the benefits of using edible images?


Edible images stand out in the crowd, especially with the corporate orders, it creates a unique brand impression. 



5. What is your favourite type of treat/design to create?


Round design with borders.  



6. What is the current trend you’re seeing in edible images?


Corporate logos branding on the cupcakes.  




7. What is the funniest/most unusual sweet creation you’ve been asked to make?


Hen's cupcakes with weird designs :) 



8. Do you have any tips you can share when either printing or applying edible images?


Have to be very particular and careful with the images. Softly removing from the surrounding surface and apply very gently. 


9. What is your “can’t live without” sweet/cake making tool?


None really. I particularly like baking and going to the store every week. 



10. What do you do for yourself within your life and business to help avoid or alleviate burnout?


Spend time with my son and family. 



11. What is your career highlight to date?


Having a successful business along with a happy family. Can't ask more from almighty.