Pre-Cut Edible Icing Sheets

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There is no doubt that edible images are a game-changer in the cake and sweet decorating world. They allow creators to efficiently and cost-effectively achieve a theme, personalise a product and even apply branding for corporate clients. Most of all they save makers so much time! Add in pre-cut edible icing sheets and you can reduce your decorating time even further.





Pre-cut icing sheets are A4 icing sheets with stamped circles cut into them making them easy to peel straight off the backing sheet without the need to hand cut. They come in a variety of sizes. All you need do is print directly onto your shapes and peel off the printed designs and apply.


The pre-cut edible icing sheets are made from the same ingredients, are the same thickness as standard A4 edible icing sheets and are backed by a flexible plastic backing sheet. The backing sheet allows the icing sheet to be fed through an edible ink printer, just like a normal piece of paper.





Pre-cut edible icing sheets are ideal for cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, and various sized round cakes. Edible Image Supplies offer a range of pre-cut icing sheet rounds including:

1.5” - ideal for mini cupcakes and lollipops

2.5” - your perfect cupcake and cookie size

6.3” - great for small round cakes or super-sized cookies

8.0” - these look great on large round cakes and round ice cream cakes.





The pre-cut icing sheets require you to work with a template for your image placement. This can be with done through most formatting programs however, using a design template program such as Icing Artist will make it even easier.


Just like standard edible icing sheets, the pre-cut sheets are extremely versatile and can be applied to most icing finishes* including buttercream, fondant, royal icing, marzipan, ice cream and chocolate. They will save you so much time when producing large quantities, especially for large batches of cookies and cupcakes. Pre-cut edible icing sheets are truly worth adding to your sweet making arsenal.




Edible Image Supplies icing sheets are available in A3, A4 and a variety of handy pre-cut sizes.




*NB: It is recommended not to place icing sheets directly onto whipped cream due to its high moisture content, which will be absorbed by the icing sheet and impact the quality of the image. If you wish to apply the edible image to whipped cream, apply to a thin layer of fondant or white chocolate first, to act as a barrier between the cream and the icing sheet.


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3 - Deezee Designs - 1.5" mini pre-cut cupcake rounds

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