Edible Drink Toppers

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Edible Drink Toppers


Expanding your product range to include edible icing sheet drink toppers makes perfect sense when you’re already producing edible images for cakes and sweets. If you have an edible ink printer all you need is some thin icing sheets to produce customised toppers for your corporate and private clients.





Edible Image Supplies thin icing sheets deliver the same high-quality print finish achieved with all our icing sheets when used in conjunction with quality edible ink, they contain the same ingredients and easy-peel attributes of our regular icing sheets. Due to their thinner format, they are perfect for floating a printed edible image on a beverage.


Customised edible icing sheet drink toppers will work best on frothy surfaces such as cappuccino, latte, smoothies and milkshakes, and frothy cocktails. They allow your clients to brand drinks for their businesses or to cater to corporate function needs. They are perfect for rounding off a theme for a party or event. Ideal for weddings and significant birthday celebrations - place photos of the person being celebrated or the happy couple on trays of drinks. In short, edible icing drink toppers are fun, vibrant, and ready to set the mood for any occasion.




Just like regular edible images, the thinner edible icing sheets can be cut to various dimensions to suit your needs and are easy for you and your customers to use.


To use:


Once you have designed and printed your edible icing drink topper and cut to size, all you need to do (or have your customers do) is gently peel the topper from the attached backing sheet, place the topper carefully on top of the drink with the printed surface face up, and slowly let it float over the foam or the cream. Take care that the liquid/foam underneath does not make contact with the printed side (this may cause your image to bleed or smudge).


The edible icing sheet drink toppers look best when they are placed on even surfaces. The beverage can be consumed with the topper on top, or the edible image topper can be eaten or removed if preferred.





Edible Image Supplies thin edible icing sheets may also suit lollipop and cookie makers.


TIP: Always ensure you use a high-quality image for your edible image printing to obtain the best results.


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