Edible Ink Printing Tips

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Edible ink printing systems are easy to use and make printing clear vibrant edible images achievable for all levels of design and printing experience. With Edible Image Supplies printing systems you have access to comprehensive help and troubleshooting guides along with access to the manufacturer's set-up and help guides. This doesn’t mean you can’t also benefit from tips and extra help pointers we glean along the way and like to regularly share.



Here are just a few top tips that may seem simple but will help you throughout time with your edible image printing.



1. Never let your ink cartridge run completely dry before refilling. This will damage the cartridge and potentially the printhead.






2. A fine needle, such as an acupuncture needle, is perfect for dealing with small bubbles that may form when applying your edible images.



3. Do all your test printing on normal A4 paper so as not to waste your icing sheets.



4. Double ziplock bag your edible icing sheets or store them in the original foil pack in an airtight container for full protection.



5. For all non-edible aspects of troubleshooting for your printer download your printer manual directly from the Canon website. 



6. If you are thinking of refilling your edible ink cartridges - keep the orange tabs that come with the ink cartridges. This prevents a mess when refilling.







7. Always take the ink cartridges out of the printer to refill them. Never refill them while they are still sitting in the printer.



8. The use-by date for your edible ink is on the packaging box, write this down in a safe place so you don’t forget it.



9. The best way to view your order details and tracking information is to create an account with us. Then just log on any time to view.



10. Printing a weekly test print with your edible ink printer, use normal paper if you don’t need to print an edible image. This will help to keep the ink flowing through your printhead and your printer happy.







From time to time our customers share with us little tips they have found helpful regarding edible ink printing. We love to pass these on. Feel free to share with us any that you may have discovered.


Happy printing. x