About Us

Edible Image Supplies has become the leading and most trusted ink suppliers offering edible icing sheets, ink printers and ink cartridges.


While there are a few suppliers online offering edible products, we are the ONLY supplier to actually take an active role and assist in developing our own brand of edible icing sheets that have been incredibly successful with many cake decorators and wholesalers. Our 'EIS' brand of edible products is the natural and organic choice to printable and edible icing.


Edible Icing Sheets, Ink Printers and Ink Cartridges


We are also the only edible supplier to offer such an advanced range of edible ink cartridges that are actually made in Italy so you can be sure that their quality is amazing and coupled with our icing sheets you will produce photo quality images made completely edible.


Our pricing is also very competitive and even lower than the competition despite the fact that our EIS product range surpasses their own product quality. This means more profits for your business and happier customers. We are constantly working to expand our edible product range and constantly are monitoring their performance and testing their results  to make sure they perform every time without fault.

A major reason why we decided to establish our own range of edible products was our disappointment with current big name icing sheet and edible ink suppliers that either derive from the USA or China. In terms of the edible icing sheets they tasted horrible and unnatural and they certainly weren't always easy to peel off as they were pressed onto the sheet terribly tight. So we partnered with a major food manufacturer and decided to develop them ourselves. The result is perfection and you'll only know that once you try our products.

By now providing the online public Australia wide access to our products, it's giving cake decorators that edge when it comes to entertaining their customers.


So sit back, relax and browse through our collection at your pace and if you do have any question please don't hesitate to drop us an email.