Cleaning a Blocked Printhead in a Canon Edible Printer

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Edible ink printers need to be maintained on a regular basis due to the nature of the edible ink itself which contain ingredients that can crystalize when temperatures either get too cold or unused for long periods of time. Here is an easy and simply method to unblock your printhead using a canon printer.

Edible Ink Canon Printhead Cleaning


If your printer is not outputting colours correctly and your nozzle test is not showing all the cartridge colours clearly, then you will more than likely need to clean your print head.


Why does it happen?


Edible ink is made from various natural ingredients and some which include sugar which can over time crystallize if kept under 18 degrees Celsius. This can occur if the printer or cartridges are kept in an area where it is quite cold and breezy or if the printer hasn’t been in use for a while.  


What can you do?


There are various methods to cleaning the printhead which involve specialized equipment however there are simple techniques that can unblock your printhead and allow ink to flow once again. These methods use ordinary utensils and tools found in most homes.

*** VIDEO - You can watch a video of the below method if you Click Here.


What you’ll Need:


- 1 x Glass or Plastic Jug

- Lint free cleaning cloth

- Hot water


STEP 1 – Removing the Printhead


To do this, firstly you must open the top lid of your printer. Wait until the carriage with your cartridges moves to the centre and stops.

Then slowly remove all your cartridges and place then aside on a clean surface. Depending on the model of your printer there are various methods in which to remove the printhead.

While it is a fairly easy process, the removal part is a delicate operation so please be gently and take your time.


For the A3 Canon model printers, you will need to gently lift up the front tab as shown in the diagram until it clicks and stays elevated. Then slowly feel inside and pull out the printhead.

The printhead is ejected in a certain way to be sure to take your time, don’t force it at all.

For A4 Canon model printers, once you remove all the cartridges, you will notice a front bracket that needs to be gently pulled out until it clicks. It will require a little force but it will click.

Once that is done, slowly feel inside and gently remove the print head by tilting it towards you and sliding it out. This can be tricky so take your time and don’t force it.

Once the printhead is out, we can commence the cleaning process.


STEP 2 – Soaking the Printhead


Fill up a glass or plastic jar with warm to hot water (Not boiling). Make sure you pour enough water to soak your entire printhead.

Then get your printhead and submerge it gently into the hot water and leave it there for at least 5 minutes.

Once the time is up, remove and rinse the printhead under a tap with water and repeat the process again by submerging it into the hot water. You could clean out the jug and pour clean hot water again for the second time.



STEP 3 – Drying the Printhead


Once you have finished soaking your printhead, remove it from the jug and use your lint free cloth to dry the print head completely or leave it out to dry. An alternative is you can purchase a can of oil free compressed air to dry it as well or a hair dryer with cold air.




STEP 4 – Reinstalling the Printhead


When it is dry, reinstall the printhead back into your printer using the same method that you removed it. If you it seems like the printhead is stuck, do not force it, gently take it out again and try again.


There is a specific method in installing the printhead and if you simply cannot get it inside, watch the video ‘The secret on how to remove the Canon print head’ on youtube to assist you.


Once your printhead is installed again lower the level (A3 printer) or push in the front plastic lever (A4) then one by one, plug in your ink cartridges again.

** Also as a precaution wipe down the metal connector on the print head with an alcohol wipe to prevent any rusting on the metal.

We recommend after doing this to perform a clean function via the software then printing a nozzle test again to ensure all colours are being outputted again.

If you still are having issues then you could either soak the print head for a longer period of time using the methods above.



This tutorial was created by Edible Image Supplies. For more information please visit us online at or contact us on 1300 303 348.



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