Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about edible photo printing, icing sheets and edible ink ? Read through the following FAQ page to get your answers.


FAQ's about Edible Cake Ink and Icing Sheets


What are edible icing sheets?


Edible icing sheets are thin flat sheets of real icing made with natural ingredients and are very safe to consume. You may even call it edible paper. These sheets are made with a special backing paper that allows it to be printed using a colour printer that utilises edible ink.



What are the Edible Cake Toppers Made from?


While most common brand icing sheets use a multitude of ingredients many of which are not natural, the EIS edible icing sheets we supply are unique in that they are made using a special formula that keeps them natural and tasting delicious.


The ingredients are: Water, Cornstarch, Glutinous rice, Glucose, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Arabic Gum, Polysorbate 60,Citric Acid, Vanilla Favouring.



What Do they Taste Like:


We have tried the leading supplier of icing sheets and can tell you that they don't have a pleasant taste (or any taste for that matter), whereas our organic icing sheets have a soft, smooth and non-grainy texture that melts in your mouth with a delicious vanilla taste.


So after testing the other icing sheets available Edible Icing Suppliers decided to go for a special formula as there was nothing out there that we were satisfied with for our clients.


We believe that even though the sheet will be only placed thinly on your cake the last thing you want is a bad or unnatural taste in the guests mouth spoiling a beautiful cake!



Are the Toppers Vegetarian and Gluten Free?


Yes they are all our icing sheets are dairy, gluten and nut free and contain more natural ingredients than the currently used icing sheets so for that reason we regards our sheets as organic.


However because of any manufacturing process we cannot guarantee they are completely free of any traces of nuts as the machinery used in making the sheets may have been also use for nut products.



How long will the Icing Sheets Store for?


Typically they can be preserved if kept in their secure air lock bag for 12 months. This is very handy if you don't intend to use the sheets right away. An expiration date will be included along with ingredients on your icing sheet pack when it arrives.


However please remember to keep the pack sealed in its air lock seal bag and flat box in a cool, dry place in the meantime. 



How do you stick the Icing Sheet onto the cake once your ready?


Every icing sheet arrives with a non-stick backing sheet. You'll need to peel away this backing sheet to then be able to apply the icing sheet to your cake. It is very easy to peel your icing sheet and so it should peel right off.



What do I do if the Icing Sheet will not come off the backing sheet?


As mentioned already all Icing Sheets are supplied with an acetate backing sheet to keep them from sticking to each other in their packaging. However if a sheet does not peel off the backing it's because it's too damp. In most cases due to humidity.


There are a number of things you can do:


• Use a hair dryer to blow hot air on the front and reverse side of the backing sheet for 30-40 seconds

• Leave the sheet in normal room conditions to allow it to dry sufficiently

• Roll the sheet over the edge of a desk to encourage the frosting to come off

• Leave the sheet in an air conditioned room for a short time

• Place the sheet in a warm dry oven at a low temperature for about 1-2 minutes, or lay the sheet on a warm pan for 1-2 minutes

• Place the sheet in a very cold DRY freezer for 10-15 seconds. Not Longer. We find this method works the best of all. 



How are the Icing Sheets shipped?


Once your order is made online for an icing sheet pack, it is shipped via Australia Post or Courier in its secure cardboard box.


We offer FREE standard Australia wide shipping on all our orders over $250 however if you require a faster express service this can be selected for an extra fee during the ordering process.



Why do some of my sheets crack while printing and cutting?


As our EIS icing sheets are made naturally they can also get a little dry in certain weathers. Cracking or dryness is usually due to colder weathers.


We suggest in future you allow the sheets to warm down to room temp first by either a few minutes in sunlight or just leaving them in an enclosed dark area i.e cupboard.

The other method is to manually bend the sheets slightly with two hands to warm up and soften the icing. During warmer weathers this isn’t really an issue but please observe the sheets prior to printing and cutting.





What colours are the ink?



The ink comes in four colours, black, yellow, magenta and cyan (blue). If your printer takes our cartridges but requires a grey ink cartridge it can not be used for edible printing.



What kind of Edible Ink do you Use?



We directly import our own brand of High quality edible ink. We are one of only a few that supply commercial high quality edible inks imported directly from Bologna, Italy. The high end quality allows for crisp and vivid colours that are replicated amazingly when you print any kind of text, image or photo.




Are your Edible Inks Safe to Consume even for Allergic Individuals?


Our edible ink is one of the most safest inks that can be consumed by humans. All our edible is not only dairy and gluten free, but free also of nut and egg. Of course we don't recommend drinking our ink or consuming it in large quantities but for the purposes of printing a photo or image on a sheet of icing, its fantastic.



Do you have any Technical data on the Ink?


We certainly do and being one of only a few edible inks to be FDA Approved, it is the most safest inks you can buy online for consumption.


You can download the EIS datasheet for our Edible Ink using this link.

* The file is  a PDF file so a PDF reader is required.







What Advantages do your Refillable Ink Cartridges Have?


Our EIS refillable ink cartridges have many advantages to standard cartridges from a cost and practical perspective. All our refillable edible ink cartridges can be refiled multiple times using our EIS edible ink refill bottles which saves you huge costs instead of purchasing new cartridges each time.


In addition each refillable cartridge arrives with the latest auto reset chips so if your cartridge level reads low, you simply need to unplug the cartridge, refill and reinsert into the printer to show a full level once again.


Refillable cartridges should only be refilled 2 - 3 times at the most to preserve maximum quality output and optimum print results because deterioration can happen over time with the cartridge wearing out so edible ink is not dispersed perfectly.



 How do you Refill an EIS Edible Ink Cartridge?


1) Firstly remove your empty ink cartridge from the printer then IMMEDIATELY replace the bottom plastic orange seal that arrived initially with the cartridge. This is to avoid any spillages. (If you lost or discarded this then some sticky tape on the bottom should do.

2) Then remove the rubber plug from the refill port on top. (We Recommend using powder free gloves with refilling ink!)

3) Using the needle attached to the syringe, VERY gently Fill extract a small amount of edible ink from your purchased EIS edible ink bottle.

4) Slowly place the needle deep into the refill hole on top of the cartridge. Then VERY slowly start to inject the ink by pushing down on the syringe injector. Fill just enough without overfilling. Wipe off any excess ink.

5) Reseal the refill port with the sealing plug or a new sealing plug and insert into your printer.




What colours are the markers?


Black, brown, blue, green, yellow, pink, red and orange.


Is the Edible Ink in the Markers Safe to Consume even for Allergic Individuals?


Please note : Our edible ink markers may contain traces of nuts, soy and dairy.


What are the ingredients of the Edible Ink Markers?


Water, humectant: E422, ethanol, colouring: E101, E120, E155, E120, emulsifier: E433, acidifier: E330, colouring: E151, colouring:E133, preserver: E202.

Please note this product may contain traces of nuts, dairy and soy.

Click here for the technical data sheet..

* The file is a PDF file so a PDF reader is required.





I'm experiencing issues with the EIS printer do you have a troubleshooting guide?


Yes indeed we do if you are experiencing issues such as connectivity, quality or other print issues with your printer supplied by EIS, then please download and read our EIS Troubleshooting Guide.


Go through the table and find the issue you are experiencing and check the solution available.


Need any more questions answered?


Than please use our contact us page and let our friendly staff know your request. We will get back to you usually with 24 hours (48 hours during busy periods).