EIS NEWS - Important Update about EIS Icing Sheets - OCT 2015

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This is an important update to our EIS icing sheet stock for all our customers.

Hello EIS Customers,

You may have received an email a few weeks back regarding that our manufacturer for icing sheets had modified our formula with unsatisfactory results leaving the sheets dry and prone to cracking. We then sent out a new batches of replacement packs with the recommendation from the manufacturer that they had resolved these issues. However this was not the case and the sheets were still drying in a matter of days after manufacture.


Hence after a long series of negotiations with our current manufacturer and their inability to supply the same icing formulation at the present time, we have made the decision to change manufacturing plants and have located a new and long established manufacturer from Europe that can supply EIS with our own formulated sheets again with even more stability and softness than ever before.


The new sheets will be gluten free, Vegan, GMO free and we also now have Kosher certification just like other brand sheets in the US. We will also offer pre cut sheets for large rounds and cup cakes.


With such a decision we ask all our customers to be patient while our first batch arrives in 14 days. Our icing sheet stock online will be unavailable to purchase until this batch arrives.


For any customers who have received replacements sheets that are still unusable or that haven't received replacements yet have sheets unusable we will credit your purchase and finally replace your sheets in due time once they land in our warehouse.


In the meantime in order to continue printing on your sheets, your EIS printers are compatible with any icing brand on the market such as Photofrost and Kopykake which are available at leading cake suppliers in Australia and NZ. So we recommend you purchase from these outlets until our EIS sheets arrive again from our new manufacturer.


We are again sincere sorry for all these issues we simply had no control in how our current manufacturer changed formulations and it is a shame after 5 years of our relationship with their company however we must move on in order to supply our customer with high quality sheets once again.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email via our contact page or on call us on 1300 303 348.

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