EIS A4 Chocolate Transfer Sheets (25 Sheet Pack)

EIS A4 Chocolate Transfer Sheets (25 Sheet Pack)

Chocolate transfer sheets are a simple way to give your chocolates and sweet treats a professional, stylish finish. Use them to create beautiful decorations for cakes, cookies, desserts and to easily personalise your products to suit your customer's needs.

Edible Image Supplies chocolate transfer sheets (unprinted) are used with your edible printer and edible ink to transfer any image, design or logo to chocolate.

Chocolate transfer sheets are thin, food safe, plastic sheets, which have been coated with a cacao-butter product. This allows them to be printed with edible ink and used to transfer printed images to chocolate, either directly or using chocolate moulds.

Simply use your edible ink printer to print your desired image on the cacao-buttered side of the chocolate transfer sheet, in ‘mirror image’. Pour melted chocolate over the image, either using a magnetic chocolate mould or directly onto the chocolate transfer sheet. Leave to cool so it starts to set around the edges but is not totally hard, then peel away the transfer sheet and the image will be transferred to the chocolate.

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