EIS A3 Edible Ink Wireless Printing System

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Get the Ultimate Edge over the Competition and Totally Impress your Customers with Brilliant Results by using an EIS Edible Printing System Designed to Make you Succeed in such Unique and Profitable Industry.

The EIS printing system includes everything you need to set up a successful edible image business whether its from your home, is a store or online via a website. It includes not only the equipment and supplies, but also other essential elements like templates and instructions to assist in locating graphics and other elements for your customers.

The New EIS Pro Wireless A3 Printing System gives you the ability to print your edible creations wirelessly and without any fuss. Our Included Revolutionary EIS Edible Ink Set has Anti-Clog and Auto Ink Level features that make sure you wont waste any time and money fiddling around and trying to repair errors like other systems do quite frequently.

Both A3 & A4 Size Capacity - This A3 printer system not only prints on A3 but also on A4 sized icing sheets so you'll certainly expand your product range of Edible photos and Images.


What's included in the Printing System?


  • 1 x EIS A3 Canon Multi Function Wireless Printer

  • 1 x EIS Professional 650/651 XL Set of Edible Ink Cartridges

  • 1 x EIS Natural A4 Edible Icing Sheet Pack (24 Sheets in Each Pack)

  • Template Downloads to Design and Print your Images & Photos (Downloadable Online via our Website)

  • 1 X EIS Printing System User Guide

  • 12 Months Printer Warranty

  • EIS Lifetime Support  (This is HUGE Value and worth more than the entire package!)


NOTE: You can download our templates here: http://www.edibleimagesupplies.com.au/edible-software-and-templates.html. There is also a Video tutorial we have made to guide you through the design and print process.


Click here to Download the EIS Edible Printing System Quick Start Guide.


Watch this Video Presentation about the EIS Edible Printing System Print Quality.

Watch how Amazing the Colours look when printed using the EIS printing system and our EIS Icing Sheets.


Commonly Asked Questions


How Many Edible Prints would I be able to do?


In terms of print capacity and after all our testing sessions, we would roughly the EIS system with output at least 60 - 80 full photo prints per ink set but this would be higher depending on the image and your print area. For instance small round pre-cut sheets and small images on either an A4 or A3 sheet will consume less ink.


What is the Ink Life / Printer Life?


The EIS set of Ink when in its packaging lasts 24 Months and installed in the printer this would be reduced to about 15 months. The life of the printer depends on the level of usage however for a regular usage in a business environment the print will be fine for at least 3 - 5 years once maintained as per our instructions (i.e. once a fortnight run a clean etc).


What if I didn't use the Printer for a While, will the Ink run out?


No as long as you run a cleaning routine via the software once a fortnight or even once a month, there will be no clogging issues and then we have never experienced in all our testing any drying at all with our cartridges as they are professional sealed and air tight to keep them fresh and safe to consume.


Warranty and Support


All our EIS Edible Printing Systems arrive with FREE Phone and Email Support so you can rest assure that we'll be there when you need help.


The EIS printing system arrives with 12 Months Printer Warranty and our Amazing EIS Lifetime Warranty for our EIS Edible Ink, Sheets and further Support required while Running your Printer and Edible Business.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email via our contact page or on call us on 1300 303 348.